About Us

About Us

At ASTRO-GPS, we serve you to understand your own planetary configuration. Vedic astrology not only has predictive power, but the ability to understand your karmic imprints and cycles. Get a reading to understand what planetary influences are currently dominant in your life, how are they affecting your life and when will these influences change.

More About us

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is a precise science that maps the configuration of celestial bodies in the sky as well as in the human life. It is an ancient science that has been practiced on the Indian subcontinent for over 10,000 years. The knowledge of vedic astrology was initially transmitted one-on-one from Guru to student verbally. About 5,000-7,000 years ago, this sacred science was documented in written format to benefit following generations.  This sacred science has been preserved and transmitted across centuries with great precision and integrity. So profound is the science of astrology that all successful ancient civilizations knew how to read the sky and map out their daily lives.

Vedic astrology is based on sidereal zodiac and maps 9 planets through 27 fixed constellations in the sky. These 27 constellations are further categorized into 12 zodiac signs. Based on the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon during birth, the orientation of the 12 signs zodiac signs is specific for each individual. For example, if the sign of Virgo was rising in the east when you were born then Virgo becomes your 1st house, Sagittarius your 4th house, Taurus your 9th house, Leo your 12th house and so on. The planetary configurations are not only  studied in the natal chart (main birth chart) but also in several divisional charts that focus on a particular area of life, By now you I hope you can already appreciate the precision with which vedic astrology is studied. Vedic astrology is indeed an ancient branch of quantum physics!

Why get a Vedic Astrology Reading?

At the time of birth, the planetary configuration in the sky is imprinted in you when you are born. In other words, planets and stars are just not external bodies –they live within us and our psyche. In the matrix of time and space, each one of us is born with a unique imprint of the celestial bodies. But the planets are not stationary, they transit every so often over the birth imprint in your psyche activating portals and delivering lessons.

An astrology reading is an opportunity to understand your own unique planetary configurations and lessons that are being delivered to you by them. I understood myself with great clarity after I started analyzing my own planetary map through the lens of vedic astrology.

When to get a reading?

Many get an astrology reading when going through major changes in life – career, love, relationships, marriage, and child birth amongst others. Others get a reading to understand themselves. It is also common to get a reading when there is a major planetary shift in the sky – like Saturn, Jupiter or the Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) changing signs or a planet having a retrograde motion in the sky with respect to earth. Nevertheless, there is no wrong time to get a reading! So get one now!!!

Why get a reading from me?

My journey with vedic astrology began when I was a toddler. Growing up in an Indian household, I heard the astrology jargon on a weekly basis if not monthly. Half of my family has expertise in reading a horoscope. But it was not until I found my teacher, Sam Sadasiva Geppi that I started formally learning astrology. Why Sam? Because he is simply the best!!! He has delved deep into the science and researched ancient texts for years. He teaches the lays the foundation of astrology so that each student of his can truly be in service of others – not rob them of their life savings. I have studied with Sam for 4 years now and completed my Level I, II and III certification with him at the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, founded by Sam Geppi.

I have attended several intensive workshops in astrology and researched material on my own too. But above all, I come from a place of service. My moto is to BE IN SERVICE TO EMPOWER every individual who seeks me for help. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you!