Why get a reading from me?

My journey with vedic astrology began when I was a toddler. Growing up in an Indian household, I heard the astrology jargon on a weekly basis if not monthly. Half of my family has expertise in reading a horoscope. But it was not until I found my teacher, Sam Sadasiva Geppi that I started formally learning astrology. Why Sam? Because he is simply the best!!! He has delved deep into the science and researched ancient texts for years. He teaches the lays the foundation of astrology so that each student of his can truly be in service of others – not rob them of their life savings. I have studied with Sam for 5 years now and completed my Level I, II and III certification with him at the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, founded by Sam Geppi.

I have attended several intensive workshops in astrology and researched material on my own too. But above all, I come from a place of service. My moto is to BE IN SERVICE TO EMPOWER every individual who seeks me for help. I hope to have the opportunity to serve you!


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